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Rice Subscription Information


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    Where to manage my subscription(s)?

    Step 1: Login to your KQFS account.

    Step 2: Click on "Manage Subscriptions", and you will be able to start editing your subscription(s)! :D

    What can I manage in "Manage Subscriptions"?
    1. You can manage your delivery schedule.
    2. You can edit your product subscription.
    Managing your delivery schedule.

    - You can manage your delivery schedule. View when is your next delivery going to be, or choose to skip a delivery date.

    - Please do note that the delivery schedule date is the date when your order is going to be placed.If you would like your subsequent subscription orders to be delivered on the same day, please place your order before 3pm.

    Editing your product subscription(s).

    - You can,

    •  Subscribe to another product
    •  Change your delivery date
    •  Change your delivery schedule
    •  Update payment information
    •  Change product variant
    •  Cancel your subscription
    •  Update delivery & billing address