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Maximising Shelf Life Of Your Rice

Maximising Shelf Life Of Your Rice
Keeping food fresh is also about having a smart storage and organisation system in your kitchen. Here are 3 methods to help you ensure that you are maximising the shelf life of your rice.
  • Choose the right place

The best storage location for rice is out of direct sunlight, preferably in a dark and dry area with low humidity. Humidity and bacteria get along very well. Prevent moisture damage to both the stored rice and to the storage container. Airtight containers are the best!
  • Keep it cool

If possible, store rice in your fridge or freezer. The low temperature can prevent annoying insects like rice weevils from spawning and kill bacteria. However, if your fridge lack space, fret not. Storing your rice in an airtight container, in a dark and dry area is adequate.
  • Use garlic cloves or dried chillies

Bury some unpeeled garlic cloves or dried chillies in the rice as an added measure. The pungent smell of garlic and chillies will help to keep pests at bay. Be sure to change them once every few days.

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